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Anh ngữ Athena sẽ đề cập đến các cấu trức động từ To V và Ving thường gặp trong các đề thi. Hai dạng này có cách sử dụng và ý nghĩa khác nhau nhưng có một số động từ lại có cả hai cách dùng “V-ing” và “to V” nên thường gây ra nhầm lẫn cho các bạn học tiếng Anh.












    Dưới Đây Là Một Số Bài Tập về To V và Ving
    1. Many young people are fond of ________________ football and other kinds of sports.
    • A. play
    • B. to play
    • C. playing
    • D. played
    2. They couldn’t help _______________ when they heard the little boy singing a love song.
    • A. laughing
    • B. to laugh
    • C. laugh
    • D. laughed
    3. Your house needs ______________ .
    • A. redecorated
    • B. redecorating
    • C. being redecorated
    • D. to redecorate
    4. I remember _____________ them to play in my garden.
    • A. to allow
    • B. allow
    • C. allowing
    • D. allowed
    5. It was a nasty memory. Do you remember both of us wearing sunglasses to avoid ________________ by the supervisors?
    • A. to recognize
    • B. to be recognized
    • C. recognizing
    • D. being recognized
    6. I can’t bear thinking back of that time. I’d rather ___________ equally.
    • A. treat
    • B. be treated
    • C. have treated
    • D. treating
    7. Did you accuse Nam of ___________ a plate? Well, I saw him __________ it off the table with his elbow.
    • A. break/ knock
    • B. breaking/ knocking
    • C. to break/ to knock
    • D. breaking/ knock
    8. We found it very difficult _____________ with Gamma.
    • A. to work
    • B. work
    • C. working
    • D. worked
    9. I can’t read when I am traveling. It makes me _____________ sick.
    • A. feel
    • B. to feel
    • C. felt
    • D. feeling
    10. I need ___________ what’s in the letter. Why don’t you let me ___________ it?
    • A. to know/ to read
    • B. know/ read
    • C. to know/ read
    • D. knowing/ read
    11. I suggest ______________ some more mathematical puzzles.
    • A. do
    • B. to do
    • C. doing
    • D. done
    12. We regret ___________ you that we cannot approve your suggestion.
    • A. inform
    • B. to inform
    • C. informing
    • D. informed
    13. The driver stopped _____________ a coffee because he felt sleepy.
    • A. have
    • B. to have
    • C. having
    • D. had
    14. Have you ever considered ______________ a pharmacist?
    • A. become
    • B. becoming
    • C. to become
    • D. became
    15. You had better ____________ at home until you feel better.
    • A. staying
    • B. stayed
    • C. to stay
    • D. stay
    16. I remember __________ my mother said the grass in the garden needed __________.
    • A. to hear/cutting
    • B. hear/cut
    • C. heard/to cut
    • D. hearing/ cutting
    17. Peter sometimes helps his sister ————–.
    • A. do homework
    • B. to do homework
    • C. with homework
    • D. all are correct
    18. I would rather ___________ at home than ___________ out with you.
    • A. staying / going
    • B. to stay / to go
    • C. stay / go
    • D. stayed / went
    19. I would rather you ______________.
    • A. drive
    • B. to drive
    • C. drove
    • D. driven
    20. She didn’t say a word and left the room.
    • A. She left the room without saying a word.
    • B. She leaving the room without saying a word.
    • C. She left the room saying a word.
    • D. She left the room to say a word.
      Đáp án: 1.C 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.D 6.A 7.D 8.A 9.A 10.C 11.C 12.B 13.B 14.B 15.D 16.D 17.D 18.C 19.C 20.A

    Anh ngữ Athena tin rằng sau bài viết này, bạn sẽ không còn mất điểm trong bài thi khi gặp cấu trúc động từ To V và Ving nữa!
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